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2024 Mud In My Cleats

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Each year, Mud In My Cleats offers scholarship opportunities to local Student-Athletes. Our ideal candidate is one that thrives in both Academics and Athletics, while exhibiting a personality that fits our organizational values.

Below are the materials needed to submit an application.


1.  Recommendation letter from your Coach with an E-Signature in the form of a .pdf or .doc .


2. Recommendation letter from your Guidance Counselor with an E-Signature in the form of a .pdf or .doc.

Application Letter

3. In your application letter (.pdf or .doc) we want to know “Why you should be considered?” We also want to know “What you plan to achieve in college?” and “Why you need the financial support?” Let us know of any economic hardships you are facing or if you simply want to focus on developing as an athlete and scholar and need funding so yo won’t have to work, etc. Lastly we’d like to know how you plan to promote Mud In My Cleats now and after graduation as we are a growing non-profit and we are interested in staying in contact with our scholarship recipients.



Empower Dreams, Transform Lives!


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